All models have the option for customization! Every fort we have built has a slight variation based on the needs and wants of that particular family! So we are open to brainstorming with you on ways we can take our current models and customize them to make the perfect Firefly Fort for YOUR family!

firefly 1.jpg

The Firefly

The Firefly is our original and signature fort. Whimsical and charming, it is truly a house in the trees...a place your children can escape to and call their own. Although we've had a few adults mention escaping there as well. 😉

The Lightning Bug

The Lightning Bug is our open air a-frame model. This fort has a more rustic feel and is a true show-stopper. 

lighting bug.jpeg
glow worm 2.jpeg

The Glow Worm

The Glow Worm is the newest addition to the Firefly family. This open play platform is completely customizable and a true place for your kids to let their imagination run wild.